Welcome to Blue Ridge NC Guide! I’ve worked in tourism for over a decade, and I’ve developed a passion for my home area, Boone & Blowing Rock NC. One of the questions I get all the time is “Where can I go for _____?” And so this site was born.

I used to be one of those kids that always stayed inside with glass between me and the great outdoors, but then a friend dragged me onto a trail and I fell in love- now I hike whenever I can! I never leave the house without the camera bag in hand, so you’ll get to see hiking trails (and anything else) through my lens. I’m married to a fellow hiker and nature enthusiast, Victor Ellison, and you may see his quality contributions pop up on the site here and there.

On BRNCG, you’ll find detailed information about hiking trails, great local restaurants/watering holes, shopping finds, local services, back roads routes that you may not otherwise know about, and some regional history.

Feel free to comment and share anywhere you’d like. And if you have any questions about something or would like to see something featured, please let me know!

I’m not paid a dime for the articles I write and post. It’s free publicity for the establishments featured here, so it’s a win/win for everyone. I have a passion for LOCAL businesses and locales, so I’m just trying to help local merchants connect to residents and guests.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

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