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Ever wished you could take home a slice of the mountains with you so you could enjoy their beauty whenever you wanted? Scenes of mountain ridges receding into the distance or rushing streams are something those living in the flatter lands may not get to see every day. Victor Ellison, a noted local nature photographer in the High Country, recognized this common desire and began filling this need in his own unique way.

Victor Ellison at sunset

Catching a beautiful sunset atop Flat Rock


Flat Rock Sunset

Flat Rock Sunset

Victor first picked up a camera about 5 years ago, after deciding that construction was not the life he wanted to lead. After browsing a few tutorial books and articles online, he ventured out the front door. Today he will tell you that his earliest work was abjectly terrible. “That work doesn’t exist anymore- people don’t need to see that.” Throughout the process of trial and error, he honed his photographic eye and learned what did and did not make a good picture. Because he is entirely self-taught, he will tell you readily that he came into the business with no pre-conceived notions and was able to find his own style fairly easily.

Mists rise off Bass Lake in the early morning

Mists rise off Bass Lake in the early morning

The best way Victor discovered to find photos to take was to hike- and hike a lot! In 2013 & 2014, he averaged around 70 miles a week during the summer and still managed an impressive 40 miles a week during the winter. He knows many of the trails around the Blue Ridge Parkway intimately. This much time outside alone with his thoughts gave Victor a unique perspective and thought process, resulting in passionate and introspective blog posts accompanying his impressive catalog of images.

What's around the bend?

What’s around the bend?

Surely those in a position of power have recognized his talent, you ask? Why yes indeed! Victor’s images have been in magazines such as WNC Magazine, Smoky Mountain Living, Camera in the Wild, and more; and he has been recognized as Landscape Photography Magazine’s Photographer Of the Week (June 2015) as well as placing as an Honorable Mention finalist in both the 11th and 12th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competitions. He has not let these successes get to his head; rather, he threw those magazines into a box and grudgingly acknowledges that they happened while remaining focused on the present.

A beautiful little cascade spotted in a remote stream

A beautiful little cascade spotted in a remote stream

Today, Victor has expanded his repertoire beyond the scope of nature photography, although that remains his heart and passion. He is a noted High Country real estate photographer, has done some work with models, and hopes to offer small classes soon. He hopes to return to writing more regularly so make sure to subscribe to his blog and his Facebook page, and he rarely misses a chance to cast a fly rod into a rocky river and hike more often for personal enjoyment as well as photography. He loves spending time at home with me (his wife) and our two cats. But of course, anytime the weather is nice, a smart place to look for him might be any quiet trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway or near a rushing river.

A multi-minute exposure along Price Lake resulted in this beautiful image

A multiple-minute exposure along Price Lake resulted in this beautiful image

Victor has long offered photography for sale on his former website (currently not in service), but a recent new breakthrough means he is now able to offer his breathtaking images in a variety of formats including metal, stretched canvas, acrylic, and regular prints as well as accessories like tote bags, shower curtains, shirts, and phone cases. These great options can be found at, with more images added frequently. You can always keep up with the latest images and news by subscribing to his newsletter– and subscribers often receive special exclusive coupons!

The oncoming storm as seen from an overlook just south of the Linn Cove Viaduct

The oncoming storm as seen from an overlook just south of the Linn Cove Viaduct

Your new favorite piece of artwork awaits from Victor Ellison and Appalachian Prints!

“Growing  up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains has allowed me to develop an intense love for nature and everything one can do outdoors. I’ve spent my life fishing cool mountain streams and wearing away the soles of my boots on rugged trails. I’ve slept beneath the stars and have found solace under the shade of a tall pine. My nature photography is a product of this passion. See you on the trail!”
– Victor Ellison

Victor Ellison bass lake leaves

Neither rain, nor snow, nor crazy high rapids of the Boone Fork Creek shall stop an intrepid nature photographer!

Neither rain, nor snow, nor crazy high rapids of the Boone Fork Creek shall stop an intrepid nature photographer!


Victor Ellison Appalachian Prints Reflections

Beauutiful reflections of Grandfather Mountain in Price Lake

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All text copyright 2015 Cassandra Ellison, Blue Ridge NC Guide; photos of Victor Ellison copyright BRNCG and taken by Victor’s comparatively untalented wife. The beautiful nature images are copyright Victor Ellison, Appalachian Prints. No portion of this article is to be copied, saved, or otherwise distributed without express written consent. Author received no monetary compensation in exchange for this article but she has a very happy husband now.


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