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Blue Ridge Parkway Events

Looking for free, educational entertainment? Look no further than Ranger-guided activities on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It pains me to admit this, but I didn’t realize there were as many activities as there are. Almost all are open to all ages. I learned about them this week when looking up something for a customer, and saw an event scheduled for tonight called Jeopardy on the Parkway. As a lifelong Jeopardy! fan, and a passionate Parkway supporter, I knew this would be worth a go.

Because this is the end of summer, there weren’t a lot of people, but that didn’t stop our little band of players from having a good time. The Ranger talked to us about the Parkway, including some general information, then we jumped into the game. The board had 25 questions, divided between 5 categories and with questions worth 100-500 points, very much like classic Jeopardy. On each team was a person who had driven the Parkway, so we were pretty evenly matched. Let the games begin! Thirty minutes of laughter and blurted answers later, the other team won by a few hundred points. It was an entertaining, educational evening I won’t soon forget.

Jeopardy on the Parkway is far from the only activity offered. This weekend in this district alone, activities offered included Jeopardy, upstairs tours of Flat Top Manor (Moses Cone Estate), and a Ranger-led stroll around Price Lake. There are many more activities offered at other times of the year, especially during the summer months. The Boone/Blowing Rock areas are considered the Highlands district, which covers MP 217-305 (Cumberland Knob to Linville Falls.) For more information, check the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s events page on their website.

And of course, if there aren’t any activities offered, get creative and make your own! Try to identify various flora & fauna or wildlife. Visit an interactive historical site and learn about days of yore. Hike a new trail. Of course, you can always check out the Blue Ridge Parkway’s official website for ideas. Get outside and enjoy our beautiful Parkway!

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